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Customizes Microsoft Word into a versatile tool kit for crafting film and video scripts
Script Werx Box
Thank You and Good Bye
Script Werx is no longer available as a retail product. On Macintosh, Microsoft itself has decided that the next version of Microsoft Office for Macintosh will not support the programming language used to create Script Werx (Visual Basic). On the Windows side, the effort to update for Word 2007, and to comply with increasing burdens that Microsoft places on third-party developers, is too much to justify.
Although I continue working on a project basis to develop software that customizes Microsoft Word, and to support my custom applications already in use, there will be no further updates to the Script Werx retail product.
It's been a long ride since 1992, when the predecessor of Script Werx was first released to work with Word 5.0 on the Macintosh. I sincerely thank all of our customers who have purchased our software and made our company possible. It has been a rewarding experience and I am thankful for all of the friends I have made along the way.
This Web site will be kept active for the foreseeable future, to give access to the technical support it provides and to make our final version of Script Werx available for download to existing customers.

--John Morley

Although the software isn't available, you'll probably want the book
A new, second edition of my book on scriptwriting is now available. If you're involved in writing informational video scripts, or interested in learning how, this is both an ideal textbook and a valuable reference, that you will return to over and again for ideas.
For more information, click the book. Virtually any bookstore can order it, if it's not already on their shelves, and it can be purchased from any major bookselling Web site, including: Barnes & Nobel

--John Morley

Be Aware
Macintosh Users
With the already-shipped upgrade of Microsoft Word (v11.3), Microsoft is no longer supporting some of the code used by a number of features in Script Werx. This means that Word version 11.1 was the last version of Word that Script Werx will work with fully. This is a sad day for us, but we can no longer support our product on the current version of Word for Macintosh and are selling the Macintosh version only on an as-is basis.
Windows Users
Script Werx will not be upgraded for Word 2007 (Vista). Our current version of Script Werx for Windows works with Word 97 through Word 2003- read more.

"I've found Script Werx a delight to use. As something that works with Microsoft Word, it brings all the comfort of familiarity, but goes so far beyond to make any script I write immediately presentable.
The interface also works so easily and intuitively that it makes being a better writer a matter of course. And John Morley stands behind his creation. I couldn't ask for more."
--David B. Schock, president, penULTIMATE, Ltd.
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Quote of the Week:
"To be good is noble, but to teach others how to be good is nobler: and less trouble."
--Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens), 1835-1910, American author, lecturer and humorist
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Free Script Samples:
For a sample script demonstrating Script Werx features, click on the format you want to see. These samples are in the pdf (Adobe Acrobat) format, which requires an Acrobat reader; available for free by clicking the Adobe link at the bottom of this list:
Screenplay Formats

Video Formats


Requires Adobe Acrobat reader

Site/network licenses are an affordable means of providing Script Werx to a number of users, making them ideal for TV stations, corporate video departments and university computer labs.
What's New?
Some brief notes on the most recent activities concerning Script Werx, Parnassus Software and Original Vision.
Product Description:
See how Script Werx can help you write in any of the most widely used script formats...
  • Screenplay Formats
  • Video Formats
  • Combination Format
  • Storyboards
  • Creative Treatment for Corporate Video
  • Extras for Corporate Video
  • Digital Spindrift
    A choice collection of humor and weirdness gleaned from the web by screenwriters Neill Hicks, Joe Bratcher and other friends of Script Werx.
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    Learn what we've been up to and what people are saying about Script Werx:


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