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Custom Software

Currently used by:

  • Saturday Night Live
  • Dick Crew Productions
  • Mary Kay Cosmetics
  • America's Most Wanted
  • The Man Show

You can have it your way: Custom software that modifies Microsoft Word™ for creating scripts that are formatted just the way you want them. It's an ideal solution for:

  • Television Episodics--Maintain the script format your show requires while still using the software most writers prefer (Microsoft Word).
  • Television News --Have your multi-column TV formats automate repetitive formatting, minimize frustration and reduce script preparation time.
  • Film Studios--Maintain established conventions without leaving the ease and familiarity of Microsoft Word.
  • Corporate Media and Event Producers--Keep the formatting you've come to rely on while gaining the advantages of script formatting software.

Real People Say
"You are a pleasure to work with."
--Chris Hamilton, America's Most Wanted

Build on a Proven Foundation
Working with Parnassus Software means that all of the code that has gone into Script Werx is available to you at no additional charge. This means a big head start on your project. You can pick and choose the features you want and then add and modify to create the ideal solution for your particular situation.

Call for a Quote
To learn more about how Microsoft Word™ can be customized to meet your specific script writing needs, call us at:
(818) 952-8102

or email John Morley.

A Process Made Easy
You will work directly with Script Werx designer John Morley, who developed Script Werx for his own use while enjoying a successful career as a script writer.
John has studied with some of the best screenwriting gurus (John Truby, Michael Hauge and Bob McKee) and has had several hundred of his corporate scripts produced. This means that he speaks your language and already knows the conventions of the entertainment and informational media industries.

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