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Nothing happens until you sell your ideas to the right people. The Script Werx treatment template will help you both create a selling tool to win client go-ahead and craft a written plan that your creative team can buy-in on.
This format is specifically designed for the corporate video and multimedia market. Creative treatments for film and TV projects typically do not require anything more than the approach section.

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Tools for Crafting Persuasive Treatments and Proposals:
The treatment template includes six different sections, complete with writing tips on the section's purpose and how to write it.

Background Section
The background section briefly states what you think you have heard from the client, confirming that it closely approximates what the client had meant to say when they said what they did say. It answers two of the "big three" research questions:
  • What's the problem?
  • Who's the audience?

This section is formatted as normal, full-width text extending out to the document's default margins.

Objectives Section
The objectives section answers the third of the "big three" research questions: How must the audience think or behave differently?
This section is formatted as a statement of overall goal--in normal, full-width text--followed by a bullet list of behavioral objectives.
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  Strategies Section
The strategies section is your creative specifications sheet: a list of creative strategies that will be implemented to meet the stated objectives.
This section is formatted as a short statement of approach (how the medium will be used), followed by a bullet list of strategies such as structural elements, devices and techniques you will use.

Creative Approach Section
The creative approach section is a word picture taking your reader step by step through what you envision for their presentation. It's a present tense, active voice description of what will be seen and heard that demonstrates the style and tone intended for the finished presentation.
This section is formatted as normal, full-width text extending out to the document's default margins.

Time Line
The Time Line section shows that your client has deadline responsibilities too. This helps avoid those no-win situations where client approval is holding up production but you are still held responsible for hitting the final deadline. The column headings and milestones are simply place holders that can be easily changed.
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Investment (Budget)
Your client is receiving a bottom-line benefit that should exceed what is being spent, so let's call that expenditure what it is: an investment. Should you prefer the more traditional term, budget, it is easy to change this or any other section heading.
This embedded spreadsheet shows a high-level breakout of the investment that will automatically recalculate as you enter different figures (pressing the f9 key forces the recalculation). Line item headings and details are easily changed, just as it is easy to change any of the suggestions provided to you by Script Werx templates.

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Writing Tips
Each section includes writing tips to help you better understand the purpose of the section and to get you started. These tips appear within a box right at the top of each section. Once you are through with them, they can be deleted just like normal text, or you can delete the writing tips throughout the entire treatment by simply clicking a button on the Script Werx toolbar or menu.

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A completed creative treatment is included in a case study for an employee orientation video. This case study demonstrates how all of the "extras," the treatment template and a two-column script are used together as a process for completing the creative side of pre-production.

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