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Here are some web sites we've discovered and that have been suggested that may be of help to writers and designers working in film, video and web site design.

If you have a favorite you would like added to the list, please let us know about it: Suggest A Site

Script Werx Dealers:
Script Werx is available from the following fine businesses:
  • --The Filmmaking & screenwriting store; in New York and on the Internet.
  • Video University --Information and resources for creating a successful video business or producing independent films, and premiere source of books and software.
  • The Writers Store --Home of screenwriting, scriptwriting and creative writing software, books, supplies and contests, in Los Angeles and on the Internet.

Directory of Resource Categories

Screenwriting and Preproduction
Corporate Video
The Printed Page
Internet and Multimedia
Grammar and Style

Screenwriting and Preproduction.. .
  • Academy of Television Arts and Sciences --Presenters of the Emmys.
  • American Film Institute (AFI) --Organization dedicated to the preservation, education and advancement of the craft of the moving image.
  • Ballantine Films --A growing portal into all that's film-related on the Internet.
  • Create Your Screenplay --Screenwriting seminars and more from Canadian screenwriter, producer and writer Barry Pearson.
  • Creative Screenwriting --The Creative Screenwriting magazine online.
  • Done Deal --Lots of information on the logistics and business side of screenwriting.
  • Easy Budget --Following the template approach proven by Script Werx, this software customizes Microsoft Excel for budgeting films and TV commercials.
  • eMovie Business --An "outsider's view of Hollywood" from Don Lemmon.
  • Film and TV Contracts --Online provider of entertainment contracts, professional film and television business legal forms.
  • Film Site --A site about film, as the name suggests; lotsa grins too.
  • Filmmakers Magazine --The online version of this magazine, featuring a database of Screenwriting contests, add a log line, a screenwriting contest sponsored by The Radmin Company, Indies Film and shorts for sale, and more.
  • Fund raising --Morrie Warshawski's advice on funding films and nonprofit projects.
  • --Global Art Film Festival Experience & Repertory; June, in Sacramento.
  • Hollywood Network --A themed community that includes chat lounges, message boards, directories, job desks, web pages, shopping, real-time live shows and more.
  • The Hollywood Reporter --Trade magazine for the entertainment industry.
  • IndieTalk --Discussion and resources for independent filmmakers - discuss filmmaking, screenwriting, financing, distribution, and more.
  • --An on-line magazine dedicated to independent film production.
  • The Mad Screenwriter --The ongoing adventures of Landyn Parker, burnt-out Hollywood screenwriter.
  • Keep Writing --Free newsletter, information, and script consulting. Everything for the screenwriter, from Dave Trottier, author of the best-selling The Screenwriter's Bible.
  • Mandy's International Film and Television Production Directory --A web-database of film and television producers, technicians and facilities around the world; includes a resume posting service.
  • Media Match --A completely free online directory of 3000+ Film and TV professionals and facilities used by over 600 US production companies and broadcasters when crewing up.
  • Motion Picture Association of America --The voice of the American motion picture industry.
  • Michael Wiese Productions --Filmmaking books written for the pros by the pros.
  • MovieBytes --Information on film and screenwriting contests.
  • --An online resource dedicated to the hobby of collecting memorabilia used in Hollywood productions, including celebrity wardrobe, movie guns, movie cars and custom-made replicas.
  • The National Creative Registry Online™ --An alternative to the Writer's Guild for registering screenplays and treatments.
  • National Film Board of Canada --Public Agency that produces and distributes film and video.
  • New York Screenwriter --The online presence of the New York Screenwriter Magazine. "All anyone needs to know."
  • Qw Movies --Lots of links and a newsletter addressing many things movie-related.
  • Screenwriter's Forum --Web site with the goal of creating one central location on the web where screenwriters can quickly and easily find everything they need to help them propel their screenwriting careers to the next level.
  • Screenwriter's Utopia --Advice, interviews and discussion groups for screenwriters, along with a directory of links to many more web sites.
  • --An online screenwriter's resource.
  • Script Assist --Software-based screenwriting reference, including writing tips, entertainment industry glossary and grammar.
  • Script-o-rama --AKA Drew's Script-o-rama, a great clearinghouse for sites from which you can download film and TV scripts--and links to more.
  • Scriptshack --A source for screenplays.
  • Scr(i)pt Magazine --The online presence for Scr(i)pt Magazine.
  • Script Nurse --Professional help with ensuring that your script makes the best impression when seen by script readers, producers and other movieland gatekeepers; includes script breakdown and coverage services.
  • Script Services --Script analysis and online resources for screenwriters.
  • Scriptapalooza --With a name like that it's gotta be a big screenwriting competition.
  • ScriptlinksCA --lists hundreds of links to websites related to every aspect of screenwriting, with a Canadian bias.
  • Society of Motion Picture & Television Engineers (SMPTE)
  • UFVA --University Film and Video Association.
  • Who Represents --An online tool for locating the entity that represents that star who you just know would love your script if only you could get it into their hands.
  • Write for Film --A process to product screenwriting workshop created by Brian Herskowitz.
  • Writer Network --Resources for freelance writers and screenwriters. Weekly job/grant/prize list. New opportunity for screenwriters in New Features.
  • Writers Guild of America --Screenwriter's guild.
  • Wordplay --Encouragement and advice to screenwriters from Terry Rossio, co-writer of Disney's Aladdin; with additional writing credits on Little Monsters and The Puppet Masters.






Corporate Script Writing...

  • IABC --International Association of Business Communicators
  • STC --Society for Technical Communication

The Printed Page ...

  • SPAWN --Small Publishers, Artists and Writers Network.
  • Writers Write --News and chat on the writing and publishing biz; offers a free newsletter.


Internet and Multimedia...

  • Computer virus myths & hoaxes --If you have a fear of viruses, check this page out! Learn about the myths, the hoaxes, the urban legends, and the implications of computer virus myths.
  • Fraud Prevention Tips --Tips for e-commerce sites on how to prevent credit card fraud.
  • Killer Sites --David Siegel is a grand master of web site designers. This web site, although now a bit dated, dispenses some free tips on design, HTML, GIFs, tables, frames and other design issues. Just be aware that the art and the technology have moved on from here, although the design basics remain the same and it's kinda fun to see what people were ranting about back in the early days.
  • Hoax Alert Page --A list and history of time- and bandwidth-wasting Internet hoaxes. Check this one out before falling for anyone's plea to "forward this to everyone you know."
  • InterNIC -- The InterNIC controls and assigns domain names for web sites. It is a cooperative activity among the National Science Foundation, Network Solutions, Inc. and AT&T. This is one of many available places to register a domain name. The Who Is page on this site will tell you if a domain name is already taken. It could save you a lot of guessing and wondering.
  • Jupiter Communications --A new-media research company specializing in emerging consumer online and interactive technologies. The cornerstone of the company's offerings, Strategic Planning Services (SPS), provides in-depth research and strategic planning support for companies developing interactive products and services. This is the place to look for definitive information on what the big advertisers and web sites are doing with advertising.
  • Lynda's Homegurrrl Page --Lynda Weinman's web site, intended to support and update her book Designing Web Graphics , it offers a wealth of tips and examples of good web design and graphics.
  • Net Marketing --Comprehensive reference on web advertising from Advertising Age magazine. Includes glossary, guide to pricing, knowledge base, forum/bulletin board and developer directory.
  • Ted Goff Cartoons --Cartoons, available for a fee, for use in web sites and other publications.
  • Virtual Promote --If you build it will they come. If it's a web site that is, and you follow the advice from Virtual Promote. This is the best source out there of advice and resources on promoting web sites.
  • --A clearing house of information for webmasters. Includes information on site design, browsing, authoring and HTML; along with links to many other sites.


Grammar and Style References...



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