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Site/Network Licenses

Available for Windows
and Macintosh

Site/network licenses are an affordable means of providing Script Werx to a number of users, they are ideal for:

  • TV Stations--where a number of writers and reporters must all have access to a standardized set of writing tools and a standard script format is critical.
  • Video Departments--where a number of writers, producers and content experts can all work more efficiently if provided with the same set of tools and a single-click means of selecting the appropriate script format.
  • University Computer Labs--where students of scriptwriting and video or film production need to learn real-world tools for quickly mastering the mechanics of formatting words on the page; in order to devote more time and energy to envisioning the image on the screen.

A Site License Includes
Each site license includes all that is needed (in addition to Microsoft Word) to make Script Werx available to a group. A site license covers either installation over a LAN or installation on self-standing computers. The site license package includes:

  • An installer on CD from which all installations can be made
  • A user's guide for every three seats, or fraction thereof, covered by the site license
  • An individualized license granting to the licensee appropriate use rights

Additional User's Guide may be purchased by any holder of a Script Werx site license for $14.

Script Werx site licenses
Item # # Stations Guides Provided Price
SW/H5 5 2 $377
SW/H10 10 4 $597
SW/H20 20 7 $897
SW/H30 30 10 $1,197
SW/H40 40 14 $1,280
SW/H50 50 17 $1,400
SW/H60 60 20 $1,500

Site licenses are available by phone order only: 1 (888) 627-8812. They can not be purchased using the online order form. Site licenses can be combined to match a number of stations not specifically listed; for example, for a 15-station network, purchase a 10-station license and a 5-station license.

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