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Review Excerpts
Here is what the trade press has been saying about Script Werx:

"Producing a script formatted to industry-standards is a snap thanks to this nifty package. And it's so filled with time-saving features you can use all the saved hours to plan future projects or write your Oscar acceptance speech for Best Screenplay. . ."
Derek Pell, writing in DingBat magazine, May 2005.

"An excellent product that simplifies scriptwriting and storyboarding. . ."
Don Collins, writing in Computer Videomaker, October 2000. Read Review

"...A welcomed discovery and stellar performer! Recommended"
--Linda Brevelle, New Media Review, November 1999. Read Review

“...all a writer needs is a program like Script Werx that will accomplish this task (script formatting) simply and efficiently.”
--Frank Leroy, NY Screenwriter, September 1997

Script Werx is a valuable addition for Microsoft Word, especially for anyone working in corporate production.”
--Robert Goodman, Videography, September 1997

“...I guarantee using this program has definitely turned Word into a script-making factory...After just a few minutes of working with the program, I realized that this is one indispensable tool. It will be a huge time saver and will ensure that no format continuity errors occur in my script...I plan on using Script Werx on all future products and highly recommend this product.”
--Douglas King, Video Systems, March 1998

Parnassus Software
In Greek myth, Mount Parnassus was where the muses found freedom to be creative in a haven from worldly cares. In the digital age, Parnassus Software helps you to be more creative by making your computer easier to use.

Users Speak Out
Here are some real quotes from real Script Werx users:

“Your software is really cool. My script is looking better than it has a right to!"
--Adria Clawson, screenwriter

“You have provided the best customer service I've ever received in the world of computers!"
--Graham Neil, Edmonton, Canada

“You give the kind of customer support that I thought didn't exist anymore. I've used Script Werx for over two years, and you can bet on me being a lifelong repeat customer and telling my friends about your great product and service."
--Skip Muller, Fremont CA

“You have a great software program that has saved me countless hours."
--Bill Shomo, Words & Pictures, Coral Springs, FL

“This is no-nonsense software, a first-class survival tool for serious screenwriters.”
--Neill D. Hicks, producer, and screenwriter on Dead Reckoning, Don't Talk to Strangers, and Jackie Chan's Rumble in the Bronx and First Strike

“I am grateful that you have taken the time and enterprise to create such a slick and useful program. It delights me.”
--David Schock, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Communication, Hope College, Holland, MI

“Just a note to say how much I am enjoying working with the Script Werx update...I appreciate all the work and thought that went into this update. You can really tell that a writer designed this! ”
--David Morgenstern, The Morgenstern Company

“I am very much enjoying the software, which is outstanding.”
--Steve Lerner, writer

“I very much enjoy working with the software. I own an advertising agency and write tons of presentation videos, tv shows, infomercials, etc. It's been an enormous help.”
--Jerry Greenfield, Greenfield Advertising Group

I am happy to tell that I won't write another script without Script Werx. It is a truly wonderful product. It has already saved me countless hours."
--Matt Watkins, IU Productions
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Parnassus Software is the maker of Script Werx and provides technical support. The following are some of the milestones on the way to what Script Werx is today:
  • 1992---Scriptwriting Tools is developed by John Morley as a customization of Word 5.x for Macintosh; his book, Scriptwriting for High-Impact Videos is published by Wadsworth.
  • 1995---Scriptwriting Tools V2 is released, to customize Word 6 on both Mac and Windows. Cousins Tom and Patti Morley take over business management and Morley & Associates is born.
  • 1996, January---The Creative Resources catalog is published, offering Scriptwriting Tools along with related books and software.
  • 1996, September---A larger volume 2 of the Creative Resources catalog is published and the Original Vision web site goes on line.
  • 1997---A third volume of the catalog is published under the name Original Vision; cousins Tom and Patti pursue other opportunities and the software development portion of the business is spun off under the name Parnassus Software.
    The software is upgraded to work with Word 97 and renamed Script Werx.

  • 1998---Script Werx is upgraded to work with Word 98 on Macintosh and order fulfillment for Original Vision is spun off as part of a partnership with Video University.
  • 1999---Script Werx is updated for use with Microsoft Word 2000 on Windows and becomes available on hybrid CD.
  • 2001---Script Werx is updated for use with Microsoft Word 2001 on Macintosh; then updated on the Windows side to work with Microsoft Word 2002 (XP).
  • 2003---Script Werx is updated for use with Word X on Macintosh OS X and Word 2003 on Windows. Screen Style begins handling fulfillment of all mail orders.
  • 2004---Script Werx is updated for use with Word 2004 on Macintosh. Dave Trottier, author of the best-selling Screenwriter's Bible, licenses the screenplay templates from Script Werx and begins marketing them under the brand name Dr. Format.
  • 2007---The decision is made to not upgrade Script Werx for Word 2007 or any other future versions of Microsoft Word.
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