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Concentrate on your original vision for the screen, while Script Werx takes care of all the formatting and page layout for film and video scripts.

Real People Say
"I've used it daily for work on Fox Television syndicated series, documentaries for Arts & Entertainment and the History Channel, and with multimedia projects for Dendrite Forest. Now my computer won't leave home without it!"
--Patric Hedlund, Los Angeles writer/producer
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One of three toolbars provided with each of the four screenplay templates

More Than Style Formats
Script Werx is a package of templates for seven different script formats and a storyboard format, each of which customizes Microsoft Word™ far beyond the styles and recorded macros that are the limit of how Word is typically customized.
Each template provides up to 3 new toolbars, a Script Werx menu and dozens of new shortcuts and tools, most of which are complete with dialog boxes and on-screen instructions. Each of the seven script templates makes it easy to:
  • Add character names to a toolbar and/or menu
  • Enter character cues with a single click or key combination
  • Compile often-used words or phrases that can then be used in your script by pressing a single key combination
  • Customize templates with headers, footers and cover sheets that will then be automatically included on every script you create
  • Have scripts generate their own:
    • Prompter Text
    • Scene lists from screenplays
    • Shot lists from video scripts
    • Storyboards
Also Included--Script Werx also creates a new folder named Script Werx. Along with a Read Me file, this folder includes:
  • A Case Study showing how several of the templates work together to create an orientation video for new employees
  • Examples of scripts created from each script template
  List of Templates
Script Werx provides a package of thirteen templates. For more details, click the name of the format that interests you.

A template named Template Attach is the source of a macro, attached to each script, that helps the script find and attach to the appropriate Script Werx template when the script is moved among different computers on which Script Werx is installed. This template, and the functionality it provides, is not included in the version of Script Werx for Word 98 and 2001 on Macintosh.
A final template, named zBgTmplt, is a "background" template, used by Script Werx features that create lists and reports.

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Character Names--Names can be easily added to a Character Toolbar and/or menu. Once on the toolbar, simply click the appropriate button or press a key combination to have the character name entered into your script--properly formatted--at the current cursor position.

In the Add Character Cue dialog box, simply type in a character name. Automatically, the name will be added to the Character Toolbar and a key combination will be created using the first letter of the name. This dialog also provides several overrides that let you:
  • Enter a shorter name to appear on the toolbar
  • Chose a different letter for the key combination
  • Chose different modifier keys for the key combination
  • Add the name as an AutoCorrect entry
  • Control the abbreviation for the new AutoCorrect Entry

Often-Used Words--Script Werx makes it easier to assign keyboard shortcuts to often-used words or phrases.

In the Often-Used Words dialog box, simply type in a word or phrase. Automatically, a key combination will be created using the first letter of the name. This dialog also provides several overrides that let you:

  • Chose a different letter for the key combination
  • Chose different modifier keys for the key combination
  • Add the name as an AutoCorrect entry
  • Control the abbreviation for the new AutoCorrect Entry

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Follows Industry Standards
Whether you're writing a screenplay or a corporate video, you won't have to worry about margins, styles or formatting. Script Werx ensures that your script projects a professional image.
The screenplay and teleplay formats were developed by Dave Trottier, author of the best-selling Screenwriter's Bible and the Dr. Format column in Script magazine. The corporate video formats are based on the experience of Script Werx developer John Morley, who has spent over 20 years working in the corporate video market.

  Fully Compatible
Any script created with Script Werx is a standard Microsoft Word file, which can be opened and edited on any computer using the appropriate version of Word. All styles stay with the script itself, so the recipient sees exactly what you created on your computer and any revisions made will be in the correct format.

Revisions--Using Word's revision features, revisions can be made in a distinctive color, giving you the ability to easily spot every revision and accept or reject revisions on an individual basis.
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User's Guide
The user's guide provides over 160 pages of easy how-to's, helpful hints and step-by-step instructions on using Script Werx. Each script format has its own chapter that specifically addresses that format without getting bogged down in options for other formats or technical detail.

The following example illustrates how many procedures include details for every step; so advanced users can zip through the procedures while beginners can learn the details needed to understand each step.

Who Needs It
Anyone using Microsoft Word™ to write scripts for feature films, teleplays, speaker support, documentaries or corporate video.

How It's Used
Script Werx is a set of 13 templates that install themselves in your Microsoft Office Templates folder. Then, simply select New (or Project Gallery) from the File menu. A list of all templates will appear. Double click on the one you want and start writing. All of the styles and formatting are built in. Shortcuts are available from a special Script Werx toolbar and menu. Dozens of keyboard combinations provide additional options for using shortcuts. The more comprehensive shortcuts include on-screen instructions and help screens to walk you through the procedures without having to resort to the user's guide.

Script Werx for Windows or Macintosh, including download privileges for 12 months following your date of purchase - $79
  System Requirements
Any computer running Microsoft Word™ 97, 2000, XP or 2003 on Windows, or Microsoft Word X or 2004 v11.1 on Macintosh (supported on US/Canadian English versions only).
For Macintosh, Microsoft is already shipping upgrades (v11.2 and above) that do not support all features of Script Werx. For these versions of Word for Macintosh, Script Werx is sold as-is and technical support is not available.
Script Werx is not compatible with Microsoft Works or Word 2007. Separate versions for Macintosh and Windows.
Windows version works with Windows 2000, NT and XP operating systems, not Vista.
Uses no additional memory over what is required for Word. Disk storage needed is up to 12 MB for a full installation.
  • Macintosh: OS 10.4 and above. Be aware that with its next version of Word for Mac, Microsoft will no longer support the Visual Basic code that makes Script Werx possible and upgrades of Word 2004 above v11.1 do not support all features of Script Werx.
  • Windows: Pentium III with 256 MB RAM or above recommended. Will not work with Vista or Word 2007.

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