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Two-Column Video
from Parnassus Software

Video Formats

Available for Windows
and Macintosh

Script Werx includes separate templates for:
  • Two Column Format
  • Four Column Format

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Sample Scripts
For a sample script demonstrating Script Werx features, click on the format you want to see. These samples are in the pdf (Adobe Acrobat) format which requires an Acrobat reader; available for free by clicking the Adobe link at the bottom of this list:

Requires Adobe Acrobat reader

Thoughtfully Designed Scriptwriting Tools
Both two-column and four-column formats make it easy to:
  • Import existing text and files
  • Insert shot breaks with a single click, either on a shot-by-shot basis or at every new paragraph (hard return)
  • Add shot numbers that update automatically as you write and can then be locked against changes when reformatting into a shooting script (new shots are designated with A-B suffixes)
  • Change formatting in a single column without affecting the other column(s)
  • Insert line numbers, either in the right margin or between the two columns
  • Go from a two-column reading script to a four-column shooting script with a single mouse click (also preserves the two-column version and two-column versions of four-column scripts are equally easy to create.
  • Adjust column spacing and headings in four-column scripts
  • Create useful production tools:
  • Shot Lists
    Prompter Files

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Scene Headings

Locations (or descriptions) used for scene headings are tracked for you and easily available from the Shortcuts Toolbar. To use a new location, just type it into the dialog box. It will both be added to the list and used to create a new scene in your script. To use an existing location, just double click it.
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The Preferences dialog box is one of many ways that Script Werx lets you do things your way. This dialog box for four-column formats shows how you can easily change the column headings of the first two columns and control the widths of all four columns.
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Shot Numbering
An easy-to-use dialog box lets you easily apply shot numbers that update automatically as you compose your script, then lock them in when your script goes into production. Added or deleted shots will then be designated with letter suffixes (for example: 3, 3a, 3b, etc.).

Production Tools
By making a single selection from the Script Werx menu, you can easily create a:
  • Shot List: A separate MS Word file containing the entire video column from your script
  • Prompter File: A separate MS Word file containing the entire audio column from your script
  • Storyboard: A separate MS Word file in which a storyboard frame is created for every visual description

The storyboard dialog box for video scripts gives you the choice between audio-only and audio-plus-visual formats. For additional information on the storyboard format.

Script Werx for Windows or Macintosh, including download privileges for 12 months following your date of purchase - $79
  Import Text
If you prefer writing the narration first or if clients provide you with an initial draft, the Script Werx Import Text toolbar makes it easy to import and format this existing work:
  • Place your cursor in the audio column
  • Click the Import File button and a standard browse dialog box will appear so that you can select the file to import (or simply copy and paste in the text).
  • Click the Break All button and paragraphs will be placed on separate rows in your script, ready for you to write the visual descriptions.
  • The Fix Video and Fix Audio tools easily fix any problems caused by unintentionally importing previously formatted text.
  • The Shot Break button lets you easily add additional visuals.

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