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Script Werx Versions

Version can refer to two different issues: Each release of Script Werx has a different version number (see following sub-head), and the version of Script Werx you purchase must match the version of Microsoft Word you are using. Your choices are:

  • MS Word 97--2003 for Windows--For any Windows computer* running Microsoft Word 2003 (also called version 11), Microsoft Word 2002 (also called XP or version 10), Microsoft Word 2000 (also called version 9) or MS Word 97 (also called version 8).
  • MS Word X and 2004 for Macintosh OS X--For Macintosh running Microsoft Word X and Word 2004 on system OS X 10.2 or above.
  • MS Word 98/2001 for Macintosh--For any Macintosh running Microsoft Word 98 or 2001 (also called versions 8 or 9).

* A PC running any Windows operating systems

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If you are currently using an earlier version of Microsoft Word and upgrade within 12 months of your purchase of Script Werx, the newer version of Script Werx can be provided to you either on CD or by e-mail from Parnassus Software (upgrade@scriptwerx.com or (818) 952-8102). A handling fee of $10 will be charged for delivery on CD or $5 for online delivery.

By purchasing and downloading online, you are automatically registered as a Script Werx owner and may take advantage of this offer. Just let us know when you are ready to upgrade.

To Determine the version of Script Werx You Have Installed
With any script created with Script Werx open:
  • At the bottom of the Script Werx menu, select About
  • The Script Werx version number is displayed in the dialog box that opens

The version of Script Werx you are using may differ from the version of Microsoft Word you are using.

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